In compliance with the provisions of the Law 34/2002, on the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, we inform you that the owner of this Web is QUARZAZATE, S.L., holder of Taxpayer Identification (CIF) Number: B-38539474, hereinafter referred to as 2NDHOMETENERIFE, with registered office at: Avenida Bruselas, Número 18, Edificio Terrazas del Duque, Local, Puerta 6, 38660, Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España.


WEB: A domain made available to Internet Users. The term describes the system of access to information via the Internet. Pages designed and published under a domain name in the Internet, which are the result of the information that the owner makes available to the User.

USER: A natural or artificial person who browses through the Web.

CONTENTS: The information and services that make up the whole of the domain that 2NDHOMETENERIFE makes available to the User. The term includes messages, texts, graphics, pictures, icons, logos, links, software, appearance, graphic design and, in general, all the information contained in the Web.

HYPERLINK: A technique that allows the User to browse through different Web pages or through the Internet just by clicking on the text, icon or screen button that contains the link.

COOKIES: A technical mean that allows tracing and following up the browsing in Web sites, cookies are small text files that are placed in the User’s computer. Since they have implications with regard to privacy, 2NDHOMETENERIFE duly notifies the User of their use in the Web.


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Though our Web we offer you different services and information about 2NDHOMETENERIFE.


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In the event that you consider that any regulation relative to copyrights or other rights is being infringed in this Web, please inform us in order we may restore the order perturbed, in an appropriate case.


The contents of this Web are designed to inform and to announce the activities, products and services provided by 2NDHOMETENERIFE. It is forbidden to use this Web contents to promote, contract or disseminate advertising, own information or third party information without the authorization of 2NDHOMETENERIFE. It is also forbidden to send advertising or information using for such purposes the services or the information available to Users through this Web.


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The User is expressly forbidden to use and obtain the services and contents offered at this Web for any purpose other than those stipulated in the terms of use.


2NDHOMETENERIFE informs you that in certain areas of its Web the User will be requested to supply a series of data of personal nature. In all cases, the User will always have the option to accept or refuse the legal conditions under which he/she will provide such data and his/her acceptance of such conditions will be deemed an informed consent and authorization for the automated processing of the User’s data by 2NDHOMETENERIFE. The Files under our control are duly registered at the Data Protection General Register. The User may at any moment exercise his/her right to access his/her data and may rectify them, erase them and object to them by sending a letter to the following address: Calle Roques del Salmor, S/N, 38660, Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España or e-mail, and enclosing a photocopy of his/her Identity Card or of any other identification document.
2NDHOMETENERIFE considers that all the registered User’s data are of the utmost importance and for this reason it undertakes to comply with its obligation of secrecy in the processing of the personal data provided and its duty to keep them confidential.
2NDHOMETENERIFE, as the controller of the File, as well as anyone taking part in any stage of the processing and/or the entities to which the personal data have been communicated under the authorization previously granted by the User are obliged to professional secret-keeping and will adopt the protection levels and the technical and organizational measures within their reach to ensure the security of the personal data, preventing non-authorized accesses, illegal modifications, theft or loss of the data. Notwithstanding, the User is hereby informed that technical measures are not foolproof, and for this reason the controller of the File may not be held liable for such practices or for their consequences.
The User, by sending his/her personal and e-mail data to 2NDHOMETENERIFE, DOES EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZE the use of such data for the purposes of regular communications, which expressly includes those made by e-mail by 2NDHOMETENERIFE or by any collaborator entities or companies to inform the User about their activities, news and promotions, as well as offers of services and products related to their business. In any case, the User will always have the option to inform 2NDHOMETENERIFE of his/her decision of NOT wanting his/her data to be used for offering him/her information about its offers, products and services by sending a letter to the following address: Calle Roques del Salmor, S/N, 38660, Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España or e-mail
The User’s personal data as well as those data originating as a result of the access, use and hiring of services will be subject to automated processing and will be assigned only in the manner and for the purposes established and expressly authorized by the User.


2NDHOMETENERIFE, as the controller of the File, informs you that when the User gives us his/her personal data, either through the various forms contained in this Web or through e-mails, he/she is granting his/her authorization and express consent to the incorporation to and processing of his/her data in our Files -although with revocable nature and without retrospective effects- and accepting the present privacy policy with regard to the data provided, which will always be processed with confidentiality, in compliance with all the legal requirements set forth in the Data Protection Act and other regulations applicable. The present privacy policy is governed by the regulations exclusively applicable in Spain and will oblige all Users of this Web, either of Spanish or foreign nationality.


2NDHOMETENERIFE informs you that the User is in no way obliged to give his/her personal data and, in the event that he/she chooses to give them, these are the proper, relevant and strictly necessary data, in accordance with the enquiry or order for the product or service wanted by the User, and are essential for providing the services offered or requested. All the fields required must be filled out compulsorily. In the data collection forms the User is informed of the mandatory or optional nature of his/her replies to the questions made to him/her, with the mandatory replies being those which are proper, relevant and not excessive for the supply of the product and/or service ordered. The User is also informed in these forms of the consequences of the obtaining the data or of the refusal to supply them. Except as otherwise stated, the reply to questions about personal information is voluntary and the lack of a reply will not adversely affect the quality or quantity of the services ordered.
The purpose of the collection and automated processing of personal data by 2NDHOMETENERIFE through the present Web is for the management, administration, provision, increase and improvement of the services offered by 2NDHOMETENERIFE, thus ensuring a comprehensive service to Users, and more specifically for offering a correct processing of the User’s data, with the User giving us all the personal information required for his/her proper and full identification; as well as for offering the User information about the services provided; for the gathering and processing of information from the User’s data in the development of the activity and the sending of commercial offers in the future about products and services that may be of the User’s interest; the sending of updates of services; the sending through traditional or electronic means of technical, operational or commercial information, about products or services offered by 2NDHOMETENERIFE and/or by third Collaborator Companies; and the regular sending of notices or the sending of information expressly requested by the User; all of this applying to the Files all the security measures contemplated by the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of december 21, and all other regulations applicable in the matter of Personal Data Protection and guarantee of data processing confidentiality.
The User may at any moment access his/her personal data and exercise the rights set forth by the Law as to obtaining true and free of charge information about the User’s personal data, the source of these and the communications of such data which have been made or are intended to be made, the purposes and modes of data processing, the identity and address of the owner of the Files, of their controllers and of the appointed representative, as well as the identity of the individuals to whom the User’s personal data may be communicated or who may get to know them by reason of their work.
2NDHOMETENERIFE reserves the right to decide whether to incorporate or not the User’s personal data to its Files.


By giving his/her personal data, the User expressly and of his/her own free will accepts the assignment and transfer of these data to other collaborator entities of 2NDHOMETENERIFE. 2NDHOMETENERIFE will send to third parties information related to the User when it has obtained the User’s prior authorization for sharing such information or when it is necessary to share such information in order to supply the User the product or service requested or it is necessary to send such information to collaborator entities in order to supply the User the product or service wanted by the User or in reply to citations, summons or court orders.
2NDHOMETENERIFE informs you that your data are processed with confidentiality and used exclusively for the above-mentioned purposes.


In order to keep your personal data updated, it is necessary that you inform us in case these suffer any modification. Otherwise we shall not be responsible for their accuracy. Also, the User states that all the information provided to us by the User is true and valid for the purpose for which it is asked from the User and that such information is provided by the User himself/herself. We will understand that if you do not expressly erase your personal data from our Files, you are still interested in these continuing to be included in the said Files, with such data being always processed properly and for the purpose for which they were obtained.


The User may at any moment access our Files free of charge in order to consult his/her data, rectify them if they are mistaken or have changed, and erase them in case the User does not want to continue appearing in such Files. You may communicate the right you wish to exercise by sending a letter to the following address: Calle Roques del Salmor, S/N, 38660, Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España or e-mail, and enclosing a photocopy of your Identity Card or of any other identification document.


2NDHOMETENERIFE does hereby undertake to comply with its obligation to keep the personal data secret and with its duty to process them with confidentiality and, to this end, it will adopt the technical, organizational and security measures required to avoid their loss or non-authorized alteration, processing or access, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 15/1999 (Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal) and all other applicable regulations.
2NDHOMETENERIFE reserves the right to modify at any moment its Data Protection Policy in order to adapt it to new regulations or to changes in regulations, judge-made laws or criteria adopted by the Spanish Data Protection Agency and/or the authority competent at any moment, which will be announced in due course through the Web.


We inform you that we use “cookies” to personalise the advertising and contents that you see when browsing through the Web; to satisfy your enquiries about products and services and inform you about promotions and new products; to shape and improve our relationship with the User; to build customer loyalty; and to make a follow-up for statistical purposes. The User can choose to have his/her browser warn him/her every time a cookie is being sent to him/her or can turn off cookie placement in his/her computer’s hard drive. For further information, the User must consult his/her browser’s instructions and user manual.
The only purpose of the use of cookies in our Web is for interrelating data gathered through the various data collection forms.


By making our Web available to the User we try to offer you quality contents and services, taking the utmost care not only in the provision of such contents and services but in the technical means used. Notwithstanding, we shall not be held liable for the presence of viruses or of any other item that may in any way damage the User’s computer system, documents or files.
2NDHOMETENERIFE does not guarantee the proper working of its Web in relation to its availability and continuity. As far as possible, we shall endeavour to inform the User of any cut in the service, repairing it as soon as possible. Notwithstanding, we will be released from any liability arising from improper working or interruptions of the Web.
All things relative to the present Web will be exclusively governed by the Spanish laws.


Users who receive communications, information or e-mail advertising from 2NDHOMETENERIFE receive them because they have registered on-line or because they have requested information about their products or services through any traditional or electronic mean. In case that you do NOT wish 2NDHOMETENERIFE to use your data to offer you information about its offers, products or services, please notify it in writing to the following address: Calle Roques del Salmor, S/N, 38660, Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España or e-mail


The present general terms of use were last changed on july 13, 2015. We may at any moment modify them. Please check to see recent changes every time you access our Web, so that you may be sure that no change that may affect you has taken place. For any clarification relative to the terms of use of our Web you may phone us to number 922.718.192 or e-mail: